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“We need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas.” Pope Francis, Let us Dream, December 2020

Bishop asks for faithful’s help over loneliness

The Bishop of Leeds has urged the faithful to reach out to those who experience loneliness.

His call comes as Prime Minister Theresa May appointed a minister for loneliness as she backed the campaign against loneliness in memory of murdered MP Jo Cox.

“God doesn’t intend any of us to live under the shadow of loneliness,” Bishop Marcus Stock told The Universe. “Illness, poverty, guilt, rejection or failure can be very dark and lonely places, but the Good News is that we do not have to face them alone,” the bishop added.

“The life of each person is of infinite value to God, so it should be to us. We can all open our hearts to the lonely and isolated and illuminate their darkness by showing them the light of His love.”

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Picture: The Bishop of Leeds, Marcus Stock.