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“We need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas.” Pope Francis, Let us Dream, December 2020

CAFOD supporters set to transform lives this Harvest Fast Day

Catholics in parishes around England and Wales will unite tomorrow, on Friday 5th October, to eat a simple meal of bread and soup as part of CAFOD’s annual Harvest Fast Day appeal.

Schoolchildren will Brighten Up, switching their school uniforms for the most colourful attire they can find, in order to raise money for the appeal.

Due to poverty and injustice, this Harvest will be a difficult time for millions of communities around the world who will miss out on food, clean water and even going to school.

But the support of communities across England and Wales is helping to change this by raising money, enabling CAFOD to work alongside some of the world’s poorest communities as they find ways to overcome their many challenges.

Head of Volunteering at CAFOD, Jo Kitterick, said: “This Harvest Fast Day, communities around England and Wales will be living simply and standing in solidarity with our global neighbours.

“Harvest is a time of abundance; where we celebrate what we have been given and gladly share with others. The commitment of the Catholic community across England and Wales to do all they can to ensure that no one is excluded from having what they need, is humbling.”

CAFOD is working with communities like those lived in by Longora, who lives in Uganda. A few years ago, when she was in the late stages of pregnancy, she became seriously ill after drinking dirty water from a local river. She gave birth, but due to illness her baby did not survive.

CAFOD was able to repair the well in her village as well as training local people in how to maintain it so they can fix it if it breaks again, so that Longora and her neighbours have a reliable supply of clean, safe water.

To donate to the Harvest Appeal, visit: cafod.org.uk/harvest

Picture: Longora using a water pump repaired by CAFOD partner Caritas Moroto. (David Mutua/CAFOD).