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Caritas Syria: Air strikes reopened wounds, but agency still able to help

Caritas Syria said the recent massive missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France, intended to weaken Syria’s chemical weapons capability, have not hindered its assistance to the country’s poor and internally displaced.

“We have enough pain in our lives, we don’t need any more,” said Sandra Awad, communications director for the Catholic aid agency Caritas Syria, adding that such intervention does not solve the crisis.

“Those (strikes) won’t help. It’s the opposite. They are opening the wounds of our hearts. We don’t want to live in war anymore,” Awad told Catholic News Service. “When we heard the bombardment, we felt, ‘please, no, not again.'”

Awad explained that those “living in the areas close to the targeted points were very afraid.”

She said a Muslim family receiving Caritas aid, having earlier fled Ghouta and now living in the Barzeh district of Damascus, told her that “everyone was shaking and crying because they have already been traumatised.”

Picture: A displaced man from Ghouta, Syria, sits on a wheelchair in a Herjelleh shelter on 15th April. (CNS photo/Ali Hashisho, Reuters).