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Carly Paoli to release live album

English-Italian classical singer Carly Paoli, the voice of Pope Francis’ Jubilee Year of Mercy, is to release a live album of her debut UK headline concert.

The BRIT nominated singer’s performance at Cadogan Hall, in Chelsea, on 15th February 2018, was conducted by the Grammy award winning Steven Mercurio and features the world renowned flautist Andrea Griminelli, the 65 piece Abiah Symphony Orchestra and the winners of the BBC’s Songs of Praise Choir of the Year 2016, Tring Park 16.

A selection of songs from the concert will be released on CD, download and streaming on 24th August 2018.

The album features live renditions of tracks from Ms Paoli’s debut album, Singing My Dreams, as well as a selection of songs from across the musical spectrum.

Speaking about the song selection Ms Paoli told The Universe: “I wanted you to hear the concert in the same order that the audience in the theatre did. When my musical director, Liz Hetherington, and I put the programme together, we had no limitations in mind of what we should or shouldn’t include. We simply had a determination to showcase music from different genres, songs that I love and that we thought you would too and songs that allowed me to do what makes me happy; perform great music in front of an audience.”

Ms Paoli, a Christian, previously told The Universe that having her rendition of Ave Maria chosen as the official song of the pope’s 2016 Jubilee celebrations was “the biggest honour I’ve had so far”.

While her version of Ave Maria will not be on the Live at Cadogan Hall album, it does feature on Singing My Dreams.

Live at Cadogan Hall will feature tracks such as Music of Heaven, Se Tu Fossi (Cinema Paradiso) and Over the Rainbow.

The album also contains Nella Fantasia, with Andrea Griminelli on flute. The track is based on Ennio Morricone’s theme from 1986 British film The Mission. The film is about the experiences of a Jesuit missionary in 18th Century South America.

Picture: Carly Paoli. (Republic Media).