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Catholic group joy at Taiwan ban on cat and dog meat

A Catholic animal welfare group has congratulated the Taiwanese authorities on their historic decision to ban the sale and consumption of cats and dogs.

Catholic Concern for Animals (CCA) has also urged the island’s Asian neighbours to follow suit.

The East Asian state has also increased the penalty for animal cruelty.

It doubled the maximum penalty for deliberate harm to animals to two years in prison and a fine of two million Taiwan dollars (£52,000).

People who sell or eat dog or cat meat face a fine of up to 250,000 Taiwan dollars (£6,190) and their identity may be made public.

Chris Fegan, CCA chief executive, told The Universe: “This is great news and I call upon Taiwan’s Asian neighbours, especially China, to follow suit and also to now ban the sale for consumption of cats and dogs and end the notorious cat and dog eating industry.

“The Chinese Government have very recently taken fantastic action against the Ivory Trade, which CCA have welcomed and supported, and now those in power in China should also ban the appalling Chinese cat and dog eating industry which is well known throughout the world because of the infamous Yulin dog eating festival where thousands of dogs are slaughtered and eaten.

“CCA of course promotes a vegetarian or vegan diet and believes that no animal of God’s creation has been born to be eaten by humans,” Mr Fegan added.

Drivers and motorcyclists who pull animals along on a leash also face fines according to the amendments passed on Tuesday, 11th April.

Picture: A Taiwanese man holds his dog during a protest to demand protection for abused or abandoned animals in Taipei. (AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying, file).