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Christians urged to speak out louder against child poverty

Christians have been urged to speak out “more loudly and with greater urgency” in an effort to end child poverty.

The call comes as a recent study suggested that child poverty is becoming the ‘new normal’ in parts of the UK and rising rapidly in major cities.

Research by the End Child Poverty coalition indicated that more than half of children were ‘trapped’ in poverty in some areas.

The problem was worst in cities such as London, Birmingham and Greater Manchester, said the report.

The Government was urged to take measures including reversing cuts to children’s services and reforming Universal Credit.

Responding to the report, Niall Cooper, director of Church Action on Poverty, said it is “simply not right” that child poverty is becoming the ‘new norm’ in increasing parts of the country.

“Too many families are caught in the trap of poverty as a result of low pay, benefit cuts and increased prices,” Mr Cooper told The Catholic Universe.

“In a society as wealthy as ours, there is simply no reason why children should have to go without the basics of life – good food, a warm home, and the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of a trip to the cinema or a week’s holiday at least once a year.

“Surely it is within our power as a society to offer more to our children and young people?

“As Christians, we must speak out more loudly and with greater urgency: Its time to end child poverty in the UK,” said Mr Cooper.

Picture: A demonstrator raises awareness of the level of child poverty in the UK. (John Stillwell/PA).