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Couples have faith in Christian site

Twelve ‘real’ married couples are happily telling hundreds of thousands of London Underground travellers how they met – through an online dating site.

All 24 people featured on the new advertisement met through – and are thrilled about it!

“Traditionally, agencies have used beautiful models on their adverts for dating websites,” said Christian Connection founder Jackie Elton. “These days, most single people have tried online dating and have become more discerning and a little wary.

“We were thrilled when, as part of our campaign, 12 of our couples were happy to have their photos used on London’s Underground network. It shows how online dating has developed.

“Far more people are happy to tell friends, parents and even the great British public how they met. That would never have happened even five years ago.”

“We are confident people will not only believe what they see, but act on it. It takes just a little faith.”

Joff Williams, communications director at, thinks that Christians are more likely to share their story than those from other groups.

“It is very rarely about wanting to be ‘famous’”, he said. “It is more about a desire to show thankfulness and encourage others as part of the Christian experience. There is real sense of community and desire to give back.” won the highly-coveted Daters’ Favourite Dating Site and Best Niche Dating Site at last year’s UK Dating Awards.

“When we set up the site in 2000, our vision was to create something to compete with and even better the best in the industry,” said Jackie.
“Our new campaign is part of that on-going commitment.”

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