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Current law on assisted suicide is safest, say pro-lifers

A pro-life group has insisted that the UK’s current law on assisted suicide is the safest, as it described a new legal challenge to change it as “a pointless exercise”.

Paralysed former builder Paul Lamb has vowed to start a new legal fight to change the law on assisted suicide after he lost a ‘right-to-die’ bid in the Supreme Court in 2014.

Now aged 63, Mr Lamb said he has “watched and waited” since then as laws on the sensitive issue have been changed in a number of other countries and is calling for an end to what he describes as the UK’s “cruel and discriminatory law” which prohibits assisted suicide.

However, Right To Life UK called his challenge “a pointless exercise” and insisted that the current UK law is the safest, as it protects the vulnerable and assists people to live.

“Another court challenge in an attempt to change the law on assisted suicide in the UK is a pointless exercise. The Courts have repeatedly said that any change in the law is a matter for Parliament,” Clare McCarthy, spokesperson for Right To Life UK, told The Catholic Universe.

“The most recent proposal that was brought forward in Parliament in 2015 was defeated by a huge majority of 330 to 118. MPs at the time recognised that any change to the law puts vulnerable people under increased pressure to end their lives for fear of being a burden on either their relatives or society.

“The safest law is the one we currently have as it provides protection for vulnerable people and makes it a priority in healthcare to assist people to live, not to die,” she concluded.

Picture: Pro-life campaigners. ( Justin Tang/The Canadian Press/PA).