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Facebook criticised for silencing pro-life voice

Pro-lifers have criticised companies for “censoring the pro-life message”.

The disapproval comes in response to reports that Facebook has allegedly refused to run advertisements for the forthcoming American film Roe v. Wade, directed and produced by Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn.

The film, which stars Jon Voight and Stacey Dash, tells the story surrounding the landmark decision issued in 1973 by the US Supreme Court, which resulted in abortion being decriminalised in the US.

The producers of Roe v. Wade recently attempted to advertise the film on Facebook, however the social network were denied under Facebook’s new ‘issues of national importance’ rules, Breitbart reported.

According to the website, the advert was simply a link to a Hollywood Reporter article about the film.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has claimed that such decisions are being made in an effort to silence the pro-life voice, with those who censor it viewing it as “an inconvenient truth”.

“We seem to be seeing a worrying trend of social media and technology companies censoring the pro-life message,” Alithea Williams of SPUC told The Catholic Universe. “This happened during the Irish abortion referendum, when Google decided to suspend all adverts two weeks before the vote took place.

“It was widely recognised, even by generally pro-abortion media outlets, that this disproportionately targeted the pro-life side.

“This also seems to be happening with the Roe v. Wade film – citing a rule that apparently applies to everyone, but is clearly only targeting particular narratives,” Ms Williams continued.

“Many films have a political slant – are they all going to be denied advertising? I don’t think so. It seems that when it comes to the pro-life message, it is an inconvenient truth that many don’t want heard.”

Picture: A pro-life supporter stands outside the US Supreme Court in Washington. (Kevin Lamarque, EPA).