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Facebook restores Catholic pages after their accidental removal

Catholic Facebook pages whose sponsors reported had been suddenly removed late on 17th July were restored just over 24 hours later.

Twenty-one Brazilian-based Catholic Facebook pages, such as a Papa Francisco Brazil page, as well as four English sites, could not publish content on 18th July due to Facebook silently taking down their sites. Millions of followers were affected, according to ChurchPOP, a Christian Culture brand website.

“All pages have now been restored. This incident was triggered accidentally by a spam detection tool. We sincerely apologise for the issue this has caused.” a Facebook spokesperson said on 19th July.

Among those with pages who were affected was the executive director of Relevant Radio, Fr Francis J. Hoffman, affectionately known as ‘Father Rocky,’ who has 3.95 million likes from Facebook fans around the world.

Relevant Radio reported that on 17th July, all the page administrators of the Relevant Radio ‘Father Rocky’ Facebook page found themselves unable to log onto Facebook. Once passing through a security measure, they found the Father Rocky page left ‘unpublished, with no other details or explanation.’

Picture: This is the Facebook page of Relevant Radio. (CNS).