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Festival fans risk being duped into pro-abortion funding

Pro-life music fans have been urged to go dry rather than fund the abortion lobby by buying drinks during a number of high-profile summer concerts.

The call comes after it was revealed that the Workers’ Beer Co is the only supplier of alcohol to a number of music events in Ireland throughout June and July, with activists from Alliance for Choice and the Abortion Rights Campaign staffing the bars.

The first of these events began at Snow Patrol’s 7th June show at Malahide and Metallica’s date in Slane on 8th June.

The future concerts in question are: Mumford and Sons (today, 14th June and 15th June, Malahide), Noel Gallagher (16th June, Malahide), George Ezra (21st June, Malahide), Lana Del Rey (22nd June, Malahide), and the Longitude festival (Marlay Park, 5th – 7th July).

The concerts are expected to draw upwards of 100,000 people and it is unclear whether attendees are aware that pro-abortion groups will be financed in this way.

Workers’ Beer Co runs bars at music events across the British Isles, which are staffed by volunteers from activist groups, such as Abortion Rights – Alliance for Choice is a Belfast-based counterpart to the Abortion Rights campaign in the Republic of Ireland.

Instead of bar volunteers earning the money for themselves, their minimum hourly wage goes to their activist group – something the Workers’ Beer Co classes as a ‘donation’.

Denise Walker, who is on the Irish committee of the Workers Beer Co, told the Belfast News Letter that Alliance for Choice will not be at every gig, but Abortion Rights Campaign will.

Pro-life groups from across the UK and Ireland have heavily criticised the decision, pointing out that pro-life fans will not be able to buy drinks at the concerts or, the worst case scenario, they may unknowingly fund pro-abortion groups if they are unaware of the set-up.

“It seems that many festival goers across the British Isles this summer have no idea that they may be inadvertently funding pro-abortion lobby groups, simply by buying a drink,” Clare McCarthy, spokesperson for Right To Life UK, told The Catholic Universe.

“This is a totally unfair situation as it puts pro-life festival goers in a very difficult position. Firstly, many may be unaware that they are funding pro-abortion activists, and secondly, even if they are aware, Workers’ Beer Co is the sole provider for many festivals giving them no alternative place to buy a pint at the event.

“It looks like it may be better to go dry than to risk your pint money being used to fund the abortion lobby!” Ms McCarthy added.

However, Both Lives Matter pointed out that while pro-lifers can boycott the bars, the pro-abortion groups are funded based on the number of activists provided, not on the volume of alcohol sold.

“This year if you want a drink, there is no choice other than to be ‘pro-choice’,” Dawn McAvoy, of Both Lives Matter, said.

“We all like to choose which charity or campaign our money goes to, as not every cause is equal. Perhaps it’s time for a bit more choice.”

Elsewhere, Grace Browne, Communications and campaigns assistant for SPUC Scotland, who regularly attends concerts, said it is “shocking” to see how the pro-abortion lobby has manipulated its way into leisure activities with the aim to pressure and trap attendees into giving money towards the killing of unborn babies.

“This only highlights the bullying and forceful attitudes that fester within the pro-abortion movement. Innocent concertgoers if parched will have zero choice as to where their money is distributed and will be literally forced to give money to the pro-abortion lobby with alliance for choice barricading all possible bars and tills,” Ms Browne told The Catholic Universe.

“Giving money to charity can be a positive, however not all causes are equal. No person enjoying a concert or show should be pressured into giving money to any cause that is not in alignment with their personal beliefs, never mind the poisoning, suctioning or dismembering to death of humans.”

Niamh Uí Bhriain of Life Institute also criticised the move, telling The Catholic Universe that this is typical of pro-abortion groups, as they don’t have grassroots support to run their campaigns so they instead get funded through big companies or international billionaires like George Soros.

“It would be interesting to see if the Workers’ Beer Co would allow pro-life groups, or crisis pregnancy support organisations to make money in this way. I suspect they would not,” she added.

Meanwhile, Bernadette Smyth, founder and director of Precious Life, said it is “absolutely abhorrent” that a drinks company is not only promoting but funding “the mass killing of unborn children at music festivals and concerts that are meant to be entertaining, light-hearted and inclusive evenings”.

“It shows the lengths the pro-abortion lobby will go to in order to achieve their cruel and extreme agenda of killing babies and it shows their complete intolerance of pro-life people who want to support women and protect them both,” she told The Catholic Universe.

“It is mercenary, ideological totalitarianism by using concerts as a means to promote and fund the violent destruction of unborn children. It is our responsibility to fight against this blatant attack and attempt to indoctrinate concert-goers to, not only agree with but, fund abortions every time they buy a beer.”

Picture: Snow Patrol are one of the bands playing at the festivals. (PA).