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Fianna Fail leader’s position on abortion is ‘extremist and mistaken’, says Life Institute

The Life Institute of Ireland has branded Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin’s position on abortion “extremist and mistaken” after he said he wanted to see the removal of the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.

During a Dail debate on the recommendation to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, which gives the mother and unborn child equal right to life, Mr Martin said: “I believe the case for change is justified by the full range of evidence available to us and I will vote for this change.”

However, the Life Institute has hit out at Mr Martin, branding his views “extremist and mistaken”.

“Deputy Martin’s official position is now that Ireland should have an abortion law more extreme than that which exists in Britain,” Niamh Uí Bhriain, of the Life Institute, told The Universe.

“By supporting the recommendations of the rigged committee on the Eighth Amendment, he is supporting the abortion of healthy babies for no other reason that their existence is inconvenient. This is unconscionable, extremist, and mistaken.”

Ms Uí Bhriain also warned Mr Martin that his position, along with that of the entire political establishment, is “unhealthy in a democracy”.

“By adopting this position, Mr Martin has ensured that once again, an Irish referendum campaign will see the entirety of the political establishment line up on one side, against a civil society campaign and the people on the other side. It is remarkable how often this seems to happen, and it is unhealthy in a democracy,” she said.

“Nonetheless, pro-life activists will wage a formidable fight to the end to save the Eight Amendment,” she continued.

“The extreme position adopted by Deputy Martin is just too far for the majority of the public. The right of the unborn child to constitutional protection is at stake here, and we are confident that this campaign will expose just how extreme this proposal is.”

A referendum on the Eight Amendment is expected in late May or early June.

Picture: Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin outside Leinster House in Dublin. (Brian Lawless/PA).