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Film exploring Pavarotti’s life set for release next month

A documentary film exploring the life of Catholic operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti will be released next month.

Titled Pavarotti, the film, to be released in UK cinemas on 15th July 2019, celebrates the life of the beloved opera star who sold over 100 million records in his lifetime.

Produced by the team behind the worldwide success The Beatles: Eight Days a Week and directed by Academy Award winning director Ron Howard, the film takes an intimate approach in telling Pavarotti’s story, going beyond the iconic public figure to reveal the man himself.

Thanks to a partnership with Decca Records and unique access to the Pavarotti family archives, home videos, behind the scenes and extensive live music footage, fans can now see Pavarotti’s personal story emerge, from his humble beginnings in Northern Italy through to global superstardom.

Pavarotti’s musical talent emerged in a church choir, where he sang with his father, Fernando Pavarotti, who was a baker. His father also had a terrific tenor voice, but stage fright prevented him from developing his talent.

Before Pavarotti passed away he came back to his Catholic faith. Pope Benedict XVI, sent messages conveying their condolences, expressed his sorrow at the loss of “a great artist who with his extraordinary interpretative talent honored the divine gift of music”.

Pavarotti’s three eldest daughters spoke out in prayer at their father’s funeral, and said: “We thank God for having given dad the gift of a great voice and we pray that he will allow him to use it in heaven to sing his praise.”

Picture: Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti on stage at Picnic with Pavarotti, in London’s Hyde Park. (Myung Jung Kim/PA).