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Gerard Butler turns director for school nativity play

Actor Gerard Butler turned director for the day as he helped school children in the Caribbean produce a nativity play.

A video of the star’s trip to Haiti shows him making costumes and coaching young actors ahead of the performance.

Butler, whose Malibu home was partially destroyed in last month’s wildfires, said he was “cheered up” by his visit with Mary’s Meals, a charity providing school meals for children to encourage them to attend and help them out of poverty.

He said: “I’ve been cheered up no end by these beautiful souls who, despite living in a country that has gone through so much hardship, have nothing but love to give.”

The 300 actor said he was surprised to see what school kids in Mirebalais were able to create from very limited resources.

“You get there and there are no costumes, no nothing, so we were really starting from scratch,” he said.

“They surprise you with their ingenuity and how they make the most of what little they have…and suddenly you’re like, ‘This looks like a proper play!’.

“It was way more than charming, it was incredible.”

Mary’s Meals runs school feeding programmes in 17 countries, and until 1st March next year public donations to its Double The Love campaign are being matched by the UK government.

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Picture: Actor Gerard Butler in the audience at a nativity play performed by school children in Haiti. (Mary’s Meals/PA).