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Irish referendum: Corrs musician criticises Irish government’s ‘extreme’ abortion proposals

Musician Jim Corr has emerged as a vocal No voice in Ireland’s referendum on abortion.

The 53-year-old, who found fame with his sisters Andrea, Sharon and Caroline in Irish folk-rock band the Corrs, claimed the vote was a means for the pharmaceutical industry to profiteer from abortion.

Corr, who has almost 17,000 followers on Twitter, said: “As many were duped into believing the Lisbon Treaty would bring jobs and recovery, many are being duped into believing this referendum is about healthcare and choice, when it’s really about bringing the lucrative abortion industry into Ireland.”

He criticised the proposals to allow abortions up to 12 weeks, branding them “too extreme” and re-tweeted numerous posts from anti-abortion accounts.

None of his sisters mentioned the referendum on their social media accounts and the band was not available for comment.

Picture: Jim of the Corrs performs on stage at Wembley Arena on 8th November 2004 in London. (Suzan Moore/EMPICS Entertainment).