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Jesuit priest who was last remaining child of executed Easter Rising leader dies aged 104 on Easter Sunday

A Jesuit priest who was the last remaining child of a 1916 Easter Rising leader has died at the age of 104.

Fr Joseph Mallin, the son of Commandant Michael Mallin who was in command of the Irish Citizen Army at St Stephen’s Green during Easter week 1916, died in Hong Kong on Easter Sunday, 1st April.

Fr Mallin, who lived in Hong Kong after leaving Ireland for missionary work in 1948, had been honoured with the Freedom of the City of Dublin in 2016.

Fr Mallin, the second youngest of five children, was two-and-a-half years old when his father was executed in Kilmainham Jail at the age of 41, on 8th May 1916.

According to reports, Commandant Mallin had passed his wife Agnes a note prior to his execution stating his hopes for his daughter Una to be a nun and Joseph to be a priest. Both Una and Joseph followed his wishes.

Picture: Fr Joseph Mallin touches the Memorial Wall at the 1916 plot during the annual 1916 Easter Commemoration Ceremony massat Arbour Hill Church, Dublin. (Julien Behal/PA).