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Justice with pro-life leanings appointed to Mexico’s Supreme Court

A justice with professed pro-life leanings has been appointed to Mexico’s Supreme Court, a surprise development barely 100 days after a self-described left-wing government took office.

Yasmin Esquivel was approved by the Senate on 12th March and will serve a 15-year term on the high court. She received overwhelming support from the ruling MORENA party, while the traditionally Catholic-friendly National Action Party opposed the appointment. Esquivel is considered a friend of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and her husband’s company is a government contractor.

“I am in favour of life,” she told the Senate on 4th March. “It is not a personal or ethical issue. It is an issue where we have to adapt ourselves to the legislation that’s been established…We cannot make personal interpretations, nor ethical, moral and religious ones, and we have to adjust to what the law signals.”

Esquivel also expressed some reservations over same-sex couples adopting children – an issue already decided by the court – saying, “Here, the minor’s interests must be favoured.”

The appointment of a judge with professed pro-life preferences occurred as the abortion issue stirred controversy in Mexico.

Picture: The Mexican Supreme Court building is seen in Mexico City on 16th August 2017. Yasmin Esquivel, a justice with professed pro-life leanings, has been appointed to Mexico’s high court. (CNS photo/Carlos Jasso/Reuters).