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“We need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas.” Pope Francis, Let us Dream, December 2020

Keep faith to keep Poland independent, Catholic bishops say at centenary

Poland’s bishops marked their country’s centenary of independence by warning freedom could be lost again if Poles abandon their Catholic faith.

In a pastoral letter for the 11th November centenary, the bishops said love of homeland was a divine command and was expressed through “daily civic honesty, readiness to serve, and dedication to the common good.”

“Our homeland’s painful history should sensitise us to threats to the nation’s spiritual freedom and sovereignty,” the bishops said.

They said independence required not just “armed struggle, and political and diplomatic efforts,” but “resolute faith and prayer.” They said Poland was being “morally and spiritually weakened” by “a spreading captivity, especially among young Poles, from alcohol, drugs, pornography, internet threats, gambling, etc.”

“Celebrating this anniversary impels us to reflect on Poland’s current state and the dangers to its sovereign existence. The gravest of these arise from abandoning the Catholic faith and the Christian principles governing our national life and state’s functioning. This has already led in the past to our republic’s collapse.”

Picture: People in Warsaw, Poland, celebrate on 29th September, ahead of the 11th November centenary of Polish independence. Poland’s bishops marked the centenary by telling Catholics that independence could be lost again if Poles abandon their faith. (CNS photo/Marcin Obara, EPA).