Sunday the 16th of June the ends of the earth

"By means of the internet, the Christian message can reach 'to the ends of the earth'" (Acts 1:8) Pope Francis, Message for World Communications Day, 2014

Just a Catholic Dad

Curves and Bumps

December 9, 2014: 

An autumn of two halves and Caitie starts her First Holy Communion Journey.

This week’s 60 Second Saint is St John of God.


October 30, 2014: 

The meadow rises, Caitie quizzes Tabitha and we’re all go for First Holy Communion.

This week’s 60 Second Saint is St Camillus of Lellis.

Accidental Grace

October 30, 2014: 

Caitie becomes a music critic, the news gets Sean down, an annoying child at Mass and what happens if a child takes Holy Communion by accident.

This week’s 60 Second Saint is St John of The Cross.

Seasons Change

October 1, 2014: 

Harry Potter, Jane Austen and Caitie does the weather. The McCarney family Summer is over and Sean has a few thoughts on the situation in Iraq.