Sunday the 16th of June the ends of the earth

"By means of the internet, the Christian message can reach 'to the ends of the earth'" (Acts 1:8) Pope Francis, Message for World Communications Day, 2014

The Polish English Life

Polish Saturday school

November 26, 2014: 

Lukasz investigates the benefits of sending children to Polish Saturday schools.

Getting an education in the UK

October 30, 2014: 

Lukasz speaks to the Polish embassy in London to get advice on studying in the UK.

A Polish priest living in the Irish capital

October 30, 2014: 

Lukasz interviewed father Cezary Binkiewicz OP from a vibrant parish in Dublin – “Dominikanie dla Polaków”

The best holiday spots in Poland and the UK

October 23, 2014: 

Lukasz looks at the best places to visit in Poland and the UK from both a Polish and English person’s perspective.


Being a Polish student in the UK

October 23, 2014: 

Lukasz investigates the lives of Polish students living in the UK with first-hand experiences from our reporters.