Sunday the 16th of June the ends of the earth

"By means of the internet, the Christian message can reach 'to the ends of the earth'" (Acts 1:8) Pope Francis, Message for World Communications Day, 2014

Young and Catholic

St Augustines Catholic Primary School – Preston

December 11, 2014: 

Andy Severyn speaks to students about the Catholic nature of their school and their thoughts on their faith.

Vital Signs at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Manchester

October 24, 2014: 

Vital Signs are an edgy new missions team whose raw sound matches their gritty real-life testimonies. They spoke to Louise Kelly about how they reach out to young people with the Gospel message.

St Mary’s RC Primary School (Brynmawr) and St David’s RC Primary School (Cwmbran)

October 24, 2014: 

Interviews and music from the children and Headteachers at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Brynmawr and St David’s RC Primary School in Cwmbran including discussion about the Catholic nature of their school.

Ruth Corless – leader of Castlerigg Manor youth retreat centre

September 26, 2014: 

Ruth Corless, leader of the youth retreat centre, Castlerigg Manor, speaks to UCR about what they offer young people

Ooberfuse – UCR interviews the lead singer of the Catholic band

September 26, 2014: 

Hal, the lead singer of the Catholic band Ooberfuse speaks to UCR about the band and faith

Martin Obrien – founder of Catholic theatre company TenTen

September 26, 2014: 

Martin Obrien, the founder of Ten Ten, a Christian theatre company, speaks to UCR about the work they do

Jo Boyce – UCR interviews the founder of CJM Music

September 26, 2014: 

Jo Boyce, the founder of CJM music, speaks to UCR about finding her passion for liturgical music.