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Mexican bishops call for action on missing persons, mass graves

The Mexican bishops’ conference has issued a call for action on the cases of the country’s thousands of missing persons, most of whom disappeared during the country’s decades-long drug war and whose bodies are increasingly being unearthed from mass graves.

Many of those graves have been discovered by desperate family members acting on their own and without the assistance of the authorities, who are often accused of showing disinterest in finding the disappeared.

‘For close to 10 years we have heard of graves discovered throughout the country. Media have told us continuously of ‘human cemeteries’,’ said the bishops’ statement, issued on 5th May and signed by the conference secretary-general, Auxiliary Bishop Alfonso Miranda Guardiola of Monterrey.

‘Until a few years ago, the cases of disappeared persons were discovered in an isolated way. But now we know that there are disappeared persons in almost all places and at every level,’ the statement continued. ‘We are experiencing a crisis of mistrust and constant fear.’

Picture: Specialists in Jojutla, Mexico, unearth remains found in unmarked graves on 21st March. (CNS photo/Tony Rivera, EPA).