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Monks’ delight over their new blessed ale

Mount St Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire has become the first Trappist brewery in the UK and only the 12th officially recognised in the world.

After decades of dairy farming, the monks began to feel this work wasn’t a viable source of income and sought alternative means of supporting the upkeep of the Abbey and its grounds. As a result, the idea of reviving Trappist brewing traditions was born, and they transformed a redundant part of the 19th Century monastery in Leicestershire into an active brewery.

The beer is brewed, bottled and packaged on the site.

The new English Trappist Ale is named Tynt Meadow after the place in which it is brewed. It is brewed with English barley and hops, using an English strain of yeast. It is twice-fermented, with the first fermentation taking place in the tank, and the second in the bottle.

The end result is a mahogany-coloured beer, with aromas of dark chocolate, liquorice, and rich fruit flavours. It is full-bodied, gently balancing the taste of dark chocolate, pepper, and fig.

“It’s an exciting time for us to be launching Tynt Meadow, we’re very proud of the English Trappist Ale we have created and we are delighted to bring life back to old traditions,” Fr Erik Varden, Abbot of Mount St Bernard Abbey, told The Universe. “Being the only Trappist brewery in the UK, we hope to bring something truly special to our customers across the country and rest of the world.”

Tynt Meadow will be distributed by national speciality beer importer and distributor, James Clay. The beer will be available across the country in selected bars and bottle shops over the coming weeks.

“We’re really excited to be working with Mount St Bernard Abbey to deliver Tynt Meadow to consumers in the UK market and across the rest of the world,” said Mike Watson, head of marketing at James Clay.

“It’s a really special and unique beer that fans of specialist brews will love. We already distribute a number of other Trappist beers from across Europe and North America, all of which are highly regarded, and we think Tynt Meadow will have the same impact.”

The label for Tynt Meadow draws on a 12th century Cistercian script, developed by Br Anselm Baker, an early monk of the Cistercian monastic community who was a noted artist. A quill has also been used to draw the brewery’s logo, a sketch of the lancet windows characteristic of the church.

Those who are able to get hold of a Tynt Meadow coaster will also notice another design inspired by the simple stroke of a pen.

Tynt Meadow will be on sale from 9th July.

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Picture: Bottles of Tynt Meadow on a picnic table. (Br Martin, Mount Saint Bernard Abbey).