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Most organ trafficking in Mozambique due to witchcraft, nun says

Mozambique is plagued by trafficking in human organs and witchcraft is to blame, said a religious sister working in the country.

Efforts to help refugees who are targeted in attempts to harvest organs are hampered due to cultural fears of confronting those who engage in such practices, said Scalabrinian Sr Marines Biasibetti, secretary general of the Commission for Migrants, Refugees and Displaced Persons of the Mozambique bishops’ conference.

“Even in the Church, religious men and women, priests and local bishops do not speak about it out of fear of what may happen to them,” Sr Biasibetti told Catholic News Service.

Sr Biasibetti, who hails from Brazil and has worked in Mozambique for more than two years, attended a conference at the Vatican from 26th to 27th October sponsored by the Santa Marta Group, an initiative supported by Pope Francis to help the victims of human trafficking.

While the problem of human and organ trafficking has existed for many years in Mozambique, the Scalabrinian sister said, it is only “now through the Church that we are beginning to speak about this issue.”

Picture: A red dirt road leads under the palms in Tofo, Mozambique. Photo: Britta Pedersen DPA/PA Images.