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Munster rally for life calls for protection of the 8th

Organisers of a Rally for Life in Munster on 27th February are saying that its success proves there is little appetite for ‘British-style’ abortions in Ireland – despite what politicians say.

The Munster Rally for Life drew a crowd of more than 5,000, and saw pro-life activists from across the province calling on newly elected TDs ‘to protect the 8th Amendment’, in order to protect women and unborn babies from abortion.

Large numbers of young marchers waved posters that read ‘Pro-life and proud’, ‘Protect the 8th Amendment; Keep the Right to Life’, as the rally wound its way through Cork, before hearing speeches on The Grand Parade.

Becky Kealy of the Munster Rally for Life said that there was overwhelming support for the 8th amendment, and that abortion was “a medieval answer to a crisis pregnancy, and that mothers and babies deserved better from society.”

She said the rally sent a powerful message to newly-elected TDs: listen to the people, or you will go the same way as the Labour Party, which prioritised the repeal of the 8th Amendment in their campaign and were obliterated by the electorate.

“Labour’s experience has shown that if you favour abortion-on-demand, then you will no longer be in demand,” speaker Róisín White said.

“In recent weeks, the Irish Labour Party stated that it wants British-style abortion in Ireland, along the lines of the 1967 British Abortion Act. Repealing the 8th Amendment – the only remaining constitutional protection for unborn babies in Ireland – would pave the way for that.”

Abortion campaigners, the Labour Party, Enda Kenny and other pro-abortion politicians are neglecting to tell us the grim reality of the proposals they are peddling, she pointed out. Britain has 200,000 abortions every year, with 20 per cent of ALL unborn babies aborted. Over 90 per cent of babies with Down’s Syndrome are aborted and there are even lunchtime abortions.

“Babies who survive abortions are left to die. Worse still, there are illegal sex-selective abortions where baby girls are aborted simply because they are girls and the killing of unborn babies is subsidised by the British tax-payer to the tune of over £100 million annually, in funds to the British NHS and private abortion clinics.

“Women in crisis pregnancies need care and support – not abortion. Abortion harms women physically and psychologically and kills babies.

“It would be reckless for Ireland to follow Britain’s example in this regard and it is not what a majority of Irish people want”.

Other people getting behind this campaign include Bernadette Goulding of Women Hurt by Abortion and Fiona Hutchinson from Every Life Counts, who talks openly about the loss of her baby son, Andrew, to anencephaly.

“We will no longer be silent while the media uses our children’s disability, and our loss and pain, to push abortion. Every baby is precious and has value and has a right to life.”

A committee member of the Munster Rally for Life, Claire Ni Dhonnchadha said the marchers were reasserting the primacy of the right to life: “Whatever shape the next Government takes and whatever their policies on housing, employment and other issues, these will be immaterial unless it upholds the constitutional right to life and rejects the killing of the most vulnerable in our society: pre-born babies”.

She added: “A Government that endorses, legalises and funds abortion is no better than one engaged in state-sponsored terrorism: terrorising, torturing and dismembering unborn babies to death, and often on grounds of

Organisers said that the huge turnout for the rally was prompting them to look to turn it into an annual event.