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Myanmar charges against aid groups leave displaced Rohingya without food

The UN’s World Food Program, which provides regular food aid to 120,000 Rohingya Muslims displaced and living in camps in Myanmar, was working against the clock to deliver basic survival rations to up to 50,000 people. reported the rations were three weeks overdue because of disruption of aid activities following government accusations that aid agencies were supporting insurgents. Since 25th August, local contractors refused to carry food for aid in conflict-torn Rakhine state. Local contractors, who are ethnic Rakhine, are concerned about retaliation by Buddhist Rakhine hardliners following government accusations that World Food Program energy biscuits were found in Rohingya militant camps in northern Rakhine.

This has also affected the provision of primary health care to internally displaced persons’ camps near Sittwe and elsewhere in the state.

Rohingya from 10 camps, cordoned off by police guards near Sittwe, say some camps received food rations in August, but most of the camps did not.

The World Food Program has regularly provided rice, beans and oil every month, and local contractors carry food by trucks and send them to the camps.

Picture: People displaced by violence walk along the banks of Mayu river with their belongings while moving to another village in Rakhine state, Myanmar. (CNS photo/Reuters).