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Notre Dame still not safe enough for restoration work, says architect

A French architect says that Notre Dame Cathedral is still not safe enough for restoration work to begin.

French television showed the chief architect of France’s historic monuments, Philippe Villeneuve, taking culture minister Franck Riester on a tour of the cathedral, which President Emmanuel Macron wants restored in five years.

He said that “we are still in extreme urgency of securing the site”.
Wooden supporting arches are being placed under the 28 buttresses, without anchoring them in stone. A robot was helping to clear debris on the lower level of the cathedral.

The minister said that the safety and quality of the restoration “is what counts” despite the goal of finishing the repairs by 2024.

Picture: An aerial picture taken on 11th July 2019 over Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral as reconstruction works are ongoing after it was badly damaged by a huge fire last April. There remain some deeply worrying unknowns about what state Notre-Dame is in, especially as the building’s interior is now open to the elements. (Blondet Eliot/ABACA/ABACA/PA).