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Pope Francis prays for Coptic Orthodox Christians after terrorist attack

In the wake of a deadly attack against Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt, Pope Francis prayed for the victims, their families and the entire Christian community.

Seven Christians were killed and at least seven others – including children – were injured after armed gunmen attacked two buses near the Monastery of St Samuel the Confessor in Minya province on 2nd November. Another attack took place in the same area in 2017, which left 28 people dead.

Daesh claimed responsibility for the latest attack and Egypt’s interior ministry announced on 4th November that in a shootout, its security forces had killed 19 militants they accused of being behind the attack.

After praying the Angelus with people gathered in St Peter’s Square on 4th November, the pope said he was saddened to hear about the terrorist attack against the Coptic Orthodox church.

“I pray for the victims, the pilgrims killed for the sole reason of being Christian,” he said. He asked that Mary, the Mother of God, would “console the families and the entire community,” and he led those gathered in the square in praying the Hail Mary.

Picture: A woman mourns during a 3rd November funeral Mass at Prince Tadros Orthodox Church in Minya, Egypt, for a group of Christian pilgrims killed by gunmen as they headed to a monastery on 2nd November. (CNS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany, Reuters).