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“We need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas.” Pope Francis, Let us Dream, December 2020

Pro-life movement is growing, inspiring ‘a rising generation,’ says Pence

The pro-life movement has touched hearts, changed lives and saved lives in the 46 years since the Supreme Court handed down its Roe decision legalising abortion on demand, Vice President Mike Pence told the 37th annual Rose Dinner in Washington.

“Our movement is as vibrant as the values that we advocate,” he said, delivering a keynote speech at the dinner, which is sponsored by the March for Life organisation. “We’re growing and we’re inspiring a rising generation with our message of generosity and compassion, and life is winning in America because of all of you.”

He repeated the message he delivered to the March for Life rally earlier in the day: “We’re the Pences and we’re pro-life.”

He and his wife, second lady Karen Pence, were a surprise addition to the roster of speakers at the annual rally on the National Mall earlier that day. Mrs Pence also was at the Rose Dinner.

The night before, the Pences also were surprise guests at a charity gala for Save the Storks, a pro-life organisation based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Founded in 2012, Save the Storks partners with pregnancy resource centres around the country and provides vans fully equipped with ultrasound machines that take resources to women, especially those in underserved neighbourhoods.

The vice president told the Rose Dinner attendees the pro-life movement “is filled with hope.”

“Today, as never before, I sense it everywhere I go in this country and meet pro-life Americans,” Pence said. “I see this rising generation embracing life as never before. This movement is filled with hope that we will restore the sanctity of life to the centre of American law.”

“And it’s no wonder why you see that hope,” he continued. There has been progress on life issues in the last years alone with President Donald Trump in the White House, he said.

Right after he was inaugurated, Trump had reinstated the Mexico City Policy, making sure that no foreign aid goes to organisations that promote abortion, Pence noted.

“Because of your stand, because of your voices, because of your generosity, your compassion and your prayers, life is winning in America again,” the vice president said. “Life is winning because of all of you, because of the courage and tenacity of the hundreds of thousands who joined the march today and over all the years and the tens of millions of others they represent.”

And “life is winning because of the leaders you have helped elect from statehouses to the Congress to the White House,” he said.

Picture: Vice President Mike Pence addresses pro-lifers from around the US as they gather in Washington, DC, on 18th January 2019 for the annual March for Life. (Olivier Douliery/ABACAPRESS.COM).