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Pro-lifers ask BBC to deliver impartiality

A pro-life group has written to the BBC asking for Call The Midwife to feature details of its pregnancy care services on the BBC Action Line website, as the site is now giving information on abortion.

Life Charity has requested that BBC include details of its pregnancy care services, Pregnancy Matters, as the only advice the public broadcaster is currently providing is about abortions.

In a letter sent to Lord Hall of Birkenhead, Director General of the BBC, Jonathan Wright, Chair of Trustees at Life, writes: ‘I hope you can see that it is crucial for women who are in crisis to know that these services exist to support them. At the moment, the advice being provided by the BBC on Call The Midwife is just information about one option; terminating the pregnancy. I recognise that the agreement accompanying the BBC Charter challenges it to ensure controversial subjects are treated with due impartiality. Abortion does remain a controversial subject in this country.’

He adds: ‘By providing information on where women in crisis pregnancies can go if they want to talk and receive help other than the provision of abortion, the BBC will be demonstrating that impartiality.’

As reported in The Catholic Universe, the BBC came under fire last month when pro-lifers criticised the public broadcaster’s decision to direct women who visited their Action Line to an NHS website which then refers them to the services of the UK’s two largest private abortion providers.

As the eighth series of the BBC drama about midwives in the East End in the 1960s came to its conclusion last weekend, with a close to the controversial illegal abortion storyline, pro-lifers accused the “once family-friendly show” of trying to re-write history in an effort to support abortion lobbyists and “quieten their consciences”.

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Picture: Nurses Valerie Dyer, Trixie Franklin and Lucille Anderson from Call the Midwife. (BBC/Neal Street/Nicky Johnston).