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Radio and TV stars launch new push for Fairtrade

Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine and TV presenter Laura Jackson – together known as the Jackson & Levine Supperclub – have helped launch Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 by calling on the British public to sit down for breakfast and stand up for farmers.

Hosting a supperclub earlier than usual, Alice and Laura decked their sky-high breakfast table with Fairtrade produce to shine a light on the struggles faced by millions of farmers and workers in developing countries who produce the food we eat, but struggle to feed themselves.

The two-week campaign opened on 29th February and runs until 13th March. It will encourage consumers to share a Fairtrade breakfast with family or friends and ‘wake up’ to the challenges faced by farmers and workers.
Jackson and Levine recently travelled to Ethiopia, the birth place of coffee, to see first-hand the impact Fairtrade has on communities, women and small-holder farmers.

Now back in the UK, the duo hopes to spread the word about the importance of buying Fairtrade and supporting farmers in the developing world.

DJ Alice Levine said, “Visiting Ethiopia has opened our eyes to how much work goes into bringing us our morning coffee. Visiting the co-operatives shone a light on how fragile a coffee farmer’s livelihood can be.

“With just one harvest every year, famine and climate change put real pressure on food security.

“So while these farmers provide many of the products we enjoy for breakfast in the UK each day, the majority are struggling to provide food for their own

Laura Jackson said, “There’s a Martin Luther King quote that I think everyone should consider, ‘Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world.’ Our trip to Ethiopia has made this ring true for me.

“Knowing that the people who produce my breakfast may be struggling to feed their own families, has highlighted the importance of buying Fairtrade to ensure farmers in the developing world receive a fair price.

“We hope the British public gets behind the campaign, enjoys a Fairtrade breakfast and takes a moment to think about the people, farmers and families behind their breakfast.”

Despite working hard every day to grow the food many of us enjoy for breakfast in the UK – coffee, tea, bananas and cocoa – many workers don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

By buying Fairtrade products, you ensure farmers and workers can earn a fair price, invest in their communities and businesses and are empowered to build a better future.

Every Fairtrade breakfast shared across the Fortnight will help put food on farmers’ and workers’ tables.

You can pledge your support by sharing your Fairtrade breakfast at #YouEatTheyEat.

For further information and other ideas on how to get involved, visit