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School’s the right path says Christian rapper

Grime artist Stormzy has spoken of how being expelled from school led him to a career in music but has urged youngsters not to follow his example.

The Christian rapper from south London, who has previously thanked God for all of his accomplishments, said his mother had felt “let down” after he was removed from school before later dropping out of college.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, the rapper, 25, said he did not feel guilty at the time because he “wanted music to be my life”.

He said: “That was always the path that I was supposed to go on. I got kicked out (of school), not for anything crazy. I put loads of chairs on another student. We were messing around, it was horseplay and I just put loads of chairs on him so he was trapped.

“It was just some banter, as you do. It sounds crazy but it was just jokes.
“But it was like the 100th strike; you don’t get kicked out for putting chairs on someone.”

He added: “My mum was fuming. I got kicked out of college then I went to another one and I just walked out because I didn’t really like it.”

The Mercury Prize-nominated artist warned other students not to copy his actions. He said: “Don’t do this, by the way, it’s not good, it’s bad.

“I went to my apprenticeship – that’s when my mum was really proud of me, because I did an apprenticeship in engineering.”

Earlier this year Stormzy thanked God after winning Best British Album and British Male Solo Artist at the Brit Awards. He told the audience: “I always give all the glory to God, God this is all you, this is all you, God. I know that a lot of people, when I give the glory to God, it seems such a strange thing, but if you know God, you know it’s all him.”

Picture: Grime rapper Stomzy. (Ian West/PA).