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Sir Cliff says faith in God ‘even stronger’ after facing sex allegations

Sir Cliff Richard has said that spending nearly two years facing sexual allegations has made his faith in God “even stronger”.

In an in-depth interview with LBC presenter Steve Allen, the singer revealed that learning to forgive his accuser was the turning point that helped him release “all that hate and anger”.

His comments came during Allen’s In Conversation With programme and is set to be broadcast on Christmas Day at 6am and 8pm.

Asked if the ordeal made him question his faith, Sir Cliff, 76, said: “No, I didn’t. I feel now that my faith is even stronger because the support of friends who came and they stayed.

“I found I was talking to God a lot more, praying.

“It was the third night of my turmoil, that I woke up and it was 5:15 and…I felt the need to forgive this person, who I am sure I have never met, because I found myself being filled with hate and I wanted to get revenge and I thought, I don’t think I’m going to survive this if that’s the way I’m going to feel.

“So by forgiving him…what it did was it released me of all that hate and vengeance.”

He added: “Forgiving is not a simple thing to do but when I look back, my God, that was the best simple thing I have ever done.”

Picture: Sir Cliff Richard performs live as part of his ‘Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin’ tour in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (Utrecht Robin ABACA/PA Images).