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Snowed-in Austrian nuns insist they are staying put

Authorities in Austria are trying to reach dozens of Catholic nuns whose Alpine monastery has been cut off from the world for days because of heavy snowfall.

But public broadcaster ORF reported that the nuns say they have got enough food and fuel and want to stay put.

The Marienparadies cloister, about 50 kilometres (31 miles) south of Salzburg, is home to 30 nuns and one priest.

ORF reported that authorities have deployed heavy equipment to clear snow and fallen trees blocking the road to the monastery run by the Sisters of Bethlehem order.

It quoted prioress Sr Laure-Marie saying that the nuns had considered leaving but “since the sun returned and the road will be clear again soon, we are very, very grateful we’re allowed to remain with God”.

Picture: Firefighters clear snow from a roof on a house in Bayrischzell in the border area with Austria. (Christoph Reichwein/dpa).