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St John Paul II blessing which hangs on kitchen wall helped me get through brain tumour battles, says Russell Watson

World-renowned tenor Russell Watson has hinted that a blessing he received in the post from St John Paul II – which now hangs on his kitchen wall – is the reason he is still alive today, after surviving not one, but two brain tumours.

The Salford-born UK classical singer received the blessing in the post a couple of weeks after performing for the much-loved pontiff at the Vatican back in 2001.

Following the performance, Watson provided St John Paul II with a gift of his CD – a gesture the pontiff was very grateful for as he ensured Watson received a surprise in the post a couple of weeks later.

“I got a letter, which came through the post, which is actually on the wall in the kitchen of my house,” Watson told The Catholic Universe in an exclusive interview as part of its ‘In Conversation with…’ series.

Watson revealed that the letter read: ‘Dear Mr Watson, thank you so much for the musical gift of your CD, Pope John Paul II is incredibly grateful and he invokes God’s blessing upon you’.

“I’m sure the blessing is what helped me get through those couple of years when I had all my problems – a blessing from Pope…well St John Paul II, unbelievable,” he said.

Watson battled two brain tumours between 2006 and 2007, both of which he admits were a “big shock” and nearly ended his life.

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Picture: Russell Watson.