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Straight up – Morrisons wonky veg is great idea

A Catholic eco-theologian has praised Morrisons after it began selling wonky fruit and vegetables at a cheaper price.

The supermarket’s new initiative comes in response to customer concern about food waste.

Morrisons stated, ‘We’re working closely with our growers to reduce food waste. So, sometimes, our wonky carrots are a bit crooked, our wonky parsnips might be pointy and our wonky fruit and vegetables can come in different shapes and sizes. Naturally Wonky, Naturally Wonderful.’

Dr Edward Echlin, an eco-theologian and Honorary Fellow at Leeds Trinity University, praised the initiative. “Thanks to Morrisons for reducing the price of food while maintaining its inherent quality despite its appearance,” Dr Echlin told The Universe.

“Not all healthy food glistens. Purchasers now can buy fresh and healthy food reducing food waste on the farms where it is produced where frequently mis-shapen produce is discarded before being sent to market.

“So called ‘wonky’ food can be of the highest quality thereby reducing both food prices and waste.”

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Picture: A display in Morrisons, Reddish. (Nick Benson).