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Survey finds more than a third of people want to see an end to Black Friday

Fair trade pioneer Traidcraft is calling on people to take a step back from the Black Friday frenzy as more than a third of the public (36 per cent) would like to see it stopped altogether.

After £2bn was spent on Black Friday last year, retailers are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year. Yet instead of getting caught up in the chaos, Traidcraft’s ‘Just Friday’ initiative is offering an alternative for shoppers around the UK.

The independent survey commissioned by the organisation also found a third of people (33 per cent) are put off shopping because of it. Meanwhile, two fifths of people surveyed are unlikely to be buying online this Cyber Monday, the event which follows Black Friday, although more than one in 10 will be keeping an eye on deals during the working day.

Now in its third year, ‘Just Friday’ calls on people to take a moment to stop, breathe and buy their gifts mindfully and ethically. By buying from ethical organisations, consumers shopping on Black Friday can use their spending power to help people in developing countries.

“After the success of previous years, we’re running our Just Friday initiative again to encourage people to take a step back from the chaos of Black Friday and put a bit more thought and enjoyment back into the shopping experience,” said Larry Bush, Traidcraft’s Marketing Director.

“Last year we saw over 1 million people engage with our Just Friday campaign and we also recorded our best ever weekend for online sales of ethical gifts and products which goes to show that there’s growing support for a positive alternative to the mindless shopping frenzy of Black Friday.

“With recent reports suggesting Black Friday may not even provide the cheapest deals, it’s no surprise that a significant proportion of people are put off shopping on that day. Even if just a tiny proportion of the £2bn spent last year, was spent with ethical, fair trade organisations, we could make a huge difference to people’s lives around the world.

“We hope this year, we’ll help even more people overcome some of the stress and negative emotions associated with shopping and think about buying more meaningful gifts for their loved ones.”

Traidcraft’s Just Friday is also being backed by ethical retailer People Tree.

“Retailers such as People Tree and Traidcraft are constantly proving that brands can produce with respect for people and the planet,” said Bruce Steinberg, Managing Director of People Tree.

“Thoughtless consumption is negatively affecting people on both ends – shoppers as well as artisans, producers and farmers. By shopping mindfully and spending with ethical and sustainable brands this Just Friday, we can empower, bring environmental and social change and step by step transform the economy.”

‘Just Friday’ is part of Traidcraft’s Show You Care campaign, which is running up until Christmas and encourages consumers to shop with thought and love, enabling the organisation to continue its life changing and pioneering work in developing countries.

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Picture: A Black Friday Deals sign is displayed above laptops during early morning Black Friday sales in a branch of an electrical retailer on Oxford Street in London, on Friday 25th November 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham).