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Tea and music are true unifiers says Snow Patrol frontman

Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody has talked of the need for Christian unity and urged people of all religions, and none, to come together and recognise the bond they share with one another.

Speaking at the Four Corners Festival in Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, Belfast, the Northern Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist pointed out that music connects everyone regardless of whether they are Catholic or Protestant.

“I think that whether we see it or not we all have a bond with each other and a lot of that is to do with music,” he told Rev Steve Stockman, during an open conversation at the Christian festival, which aims to promote Christian unity in Belfast.

Lightbody spoke about crowds singing along to Snow Patrol’s hits, such as their classic hit Run, during gigs and how during that point in time he feels “everyone was connected, whether they were Catholic or Protestant or whatever religion”.

“I have those moments all the time,” he said.

Reflecting on his childhood growing up in Northern Ireland, Lightbody, from Bangor, Co. Down, also paid tribute to his grandmother for promoting Christian unity.

“She was born and raised in Derry as a protestant, a very devout Christian and one of her best friends Margaret Monaghan was a Catholic from when they were very young, for their whole life they were best friends,” he said.

“She literally had an open-door policy where the Protestant reverend would come for tea, and the Catholic priest would come for tea. Both sides would come for cups of tea round Betty’s house.”

Picture: Gary Lightbody, singer and guitarist of the Scottish band Snow Patrol, performing live on stage. (Michael Mullenix/ZUMA Wire).