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Terror survivors feel ‘let down’ by mental health services

People affected by terrorism are being let down amid a “profound crisis” in mental health services, campaigners claim.

Survivors of attacks have been forced to pay for their own treatment or wait months for an appointment, according to a report.

The paper, published by Survivors Against Terror, interviewed 271 people who were injured in or witness to terror attacks, and relatives of victims who were killed or injured.

The report said: “The survey reveals major gaps in service provision, chief among these is the lack of adequate mental health provision.”

Three quarters of those surveyed said mental health services require improvement.

One respondent said: “Mental health services are diabolical here, I still have not seen a psychologist 14 months after the event.”

Picture: The aftermath of the London Bridge terror attack is seen in London on 4th June 2017. (NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA).