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“We need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas.” Pope Francis, Let us Dream, December 2020

Texas looking into city vote to bar restaurant chain over marriage views

The marketplace, not elected officials, should decide whether a company should open an outlet in a particular location, said San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller.

In a 27th March statement, he said he has been asked what he thinks of the San Antonio City Council’s 6-4 vote on 21st March “to exclude Chick-fil-A from the list of concessionaires that could operate at San Antonio International Airport” because the company is known for its support of traditional marriage.

“It is best in this circumstance that elected officials not restrict a restaurant chain’s right to conduct business,” Archbishop Garcia-Siller said. “Let the marketplace decide, and consumers will select which businesses to support – or not support – with their dollars, as they always do.”

He said the issue reminded him of a statement made in July 2012 “by my beloved former prelate, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago,” over the same issue: An alderman, with the Chicago mayor’s support, said he would deny Chick-fil-A a permit to build a location in a section of the city he represented.

“Recent comments by those who administer our city seem to assume that the city government can decide for everyone what are the ‘values’ that must be held by citizens of Chicago,” Cardinal George said at the time. “My understanding of being a Chicagoan never included submitting my value system to the government for approval. Must those whose personal values do not conform to those of the government of the day move from the city?”

Picture: Drink and sandwich containers are seen on a customer’s table at a New York City Chick-fil-A restaurant on 3rd October 2015. The archbishop of San Antonio has said to “let the marketplace decide,” following his city’s decision to ban a Chick-fil-A outlet at San Antonio’s airport over its stand on traditional marriage. (CNS photo/Rashid Umar, Reuters).