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Traffickers on the prowl for desperate migrants, warns bishop

The Bishop for Migrants has warned that traffickers will “seek every opportunity to abuse new immigration policies” after the Government announced proposed changes to the system.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark, Patrick Lynch, said the government must establish safeguards to ensure the protection of vulnerable people.

His comments come after the Government set out a new points-based immigration system, to come into force next year.

Bishop Lynch told The Catholic Universe: “We know that one of the most serious challenges in modern is the exploitation experienced by seasonal agricultural workers.

“The government’s planned immigration changes leave many unanswered questions about how these workers will be protected under the new system. We need to see more details around processes for inspecting recruiters, working practices and living conditions.”

He added: “Traffickers will seek every opportunity to abuse new immigration policies, so the government has a responsibility to ensure that the proper safeguards are in place.”

Picture: An archive photo, dated 4th March 2016, shows refugees at the border between Greece and Macedonia. (Michael Kappeler/DPA/PA).