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Trump backs presenter in transgender row

High-profile figures and celebrities, including President Donald Trump, have voiced their support for US TV presenter Mario Lopez after he was forced to apologise for saying it’s “dangerous” for parents to accept their young children as transgender.

The presenter, who was recently named a host of Access Hollywood, told conservative commentator Candace Owens that it is “dangerous” and “alarming” for parents to honour the wishes of young children who identify with a gender other than the one assigned at birth.

However, following his comments, Lopez, a Catholic actor famous for his role as AC Slater in late 80s/early 90s teen sitcom Saved by the Bell, was targeted by LGBTQ lobby groups, who strongly criticised his remarks.

Lopez then apologised, saying they had been “ignorant and insensitive”.
“I now have a deeper understanding of how hurtful they were,” he added.

However, the Mail Online reported that an insider had told Lopez ‘to make a public apology, stat!’

Lopez had told Owens that, like her, he is “blown away” when parents tolerate very young children who make gender determinations that early.

Owens asked Lopez about “weird trends” in Hollywood and mentioned that Charlize Theron recently said her seven-year-old, Jackson, did not identify as a boy. Owens described as a “new Hollywood mentality” such celebrity parents who believe their children have the “mental authority” to choose a gender.

Lopez agreed and added: “If you’re three years old and you’re saying you’re feeling a certain way and you think you’re a boy or girl, whatever the case may be, I just think it’s dangerous as a parent to make that determination.”

Among those who voiced their support for Lopez was President Trump who tweeted: ‘I literally can’t see anything wrong with what Mario Lopez said that would cause the outrage mob to try to destroy him…’

Picture: Mario Lopez. ( Lionel Hahn/ABACA/PA).