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Trump’s ban of refugees ignites firestorm, but also gains support

As President Donald Trump signed an executive memorandum intended to restrict the entry of terrorists coming to the United States in the guise of refugees, the action brought quick response from Catholic and other religious leaders.

The largest response came from more than 2,000 religious leaders representing the Interfaith Immigration Coalition who objected to the action in a letter to the president and members of Congress. The heads of Catholic charitable agencies, organisations working with immigrants and Catholic education leaders also decried the president’s action.

The action also drew supporters, with organisations such as the Heritage Foundation and some Church leaders saying it was necessary to protect the country’s security.

Trump signed the memorandum, titled The Protection of the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States, during a 27th January ceremony at the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes as new Secretary of Defense James Mattis was sworn in. The president also signed a second executive action designed to build the strength of the US military.

Picture: Demonstrators in Boston protest the travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump on 29th January. (CNS photo/Brian Snyder, Reuters).