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UK could review claims for asylum from child refugees in France

Some claims for asylum in the UK from child refugees in France could be reviewed, the Home Office said as ministers came under pressure to take more in.

Officials will look again at claims from children who had previously been in the migrant camp in Calais if there is new information about them.

The Home Office has agreed the move with the French authorities, but it will only apply for children who have family links in the UK.

The Government has faced a backlash after it emerged just 350 unaccompanied children will be given a home in the UK under the so-called Dubs amendment – far fewer than the 3,000 campaigners had hoped for.

The latest development does not alter the closure of the Dubs scheme under section 67 of the Immigration Act, but it could help children with relatives in the UK who may be eligible for asylum under the Dublin Regulation covering family reunion cases.

After the clearance of the Calais Jungle site, children who were moved to migrant centres across France were assessed under the Dubs and Dublin criteria.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “Children in France may be eligible to be transferred to the UK where they have a family link as set out in the Dublin Regulation.

“We have agreed with the French authorities that we will review any new information from children formerly resident in the Calais camp to assess whether it would change our determination of their eligibility under the Dublin Regulation, to encourage an application.”

Picture: A young migrant in the Calais migrant camp, known as the Jungle, watches as demolition of the camp continues in Calais, France. Gareth Fuller (PA Archive/PA Images).