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Walmart attacked for satanic products

American retail giant Walmart has come under fire for selling products featuring satanic imagery, including the false god Baphomet.

The discovery has also led to customers of Asda – the Walmart-owned UK supermarket chain – to raise concerns that the British retailer may also start stocking the products.

Members of the public took to social media to denounce Walmart after US news website Church Militant reported that the retailer, which often sells itself as ‘a family-friendly business’, had been selling a line of satanic products, including clothing, jewellery, pillow cases, goblets, books and statues.

One angry shopper discovered ‘a lot of Baphomet items’, which left her ‘sickened inside’. ‘Evil no longer hides in the shadows, it’s in our faces!’

Other Twitter users questioned why Walmart was selling products containing the satanic idol Baphomet, with one pointing out that such imagery would be offensive to many customers, and another asking if this would lead to further profane and provocative products, such as ones with Nazi imagery.

Others took to Twitter to say the product was ‘despicable’ and ‘intolerable’.

The revelation has also led to readers of The Catholic Universe raising their concerns over whether Asda, the UK supermarket arm of Walmart, would be picking up the line of products in the future.

We contacted Asda enquiring whether the supermarket had any plans to follow its parent company in stocking the satanic products, and, if so, why the company took the decision to sell such products.

However, as The Catholic Universe went to press, Asda representatives had not responded.

Picture: A Walmart logo is seen outside its office on 1st June 2018 in San Bruno, California, United States. (Yichuan Cao/Sipa USA).