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Who’s next for Hugh O’Flaherty award?

The Hugh O’Flaherty Memorial Society is calling on Universe readers to put forward nominations for the 2017 Hugh O’Flaherty International Humanitarian Award.

The 10th annual Hugh O’Flaherty Memorial Weekend will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November in Killarney, and the Hugh O’Flaherty Memorial Society is encouraging the public, NGOs, voluntary bodies and organisations to nominate an individual, team or organisation they feel is providing ‘outstanding humanitarian work’ for those in need at home or overseas.

Last year’s recipient was Universe columnist Fr Shay Cullen.

The award is named after Mgr Hugh O’Flaherty – a Killarney man who was dubbed the ‘Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican’ for his lifesaving exploits during World War II. During the course of the war he was instrumental in saving the lives of more than 6,500 anti-Fascists, Allied escapees, Jews and many others by hiding them from the Gestapo in a number of safe houses and convents throughout Rome.

On the day Rome was liberated – 4th June 1944 – his organisation was still successfully hiding almost 4000 people, despite the efforts of the Gestapo to recapture them.

Send nominations to:

By post: Jerry O’Grady, Chairman, Hugh O’Flaherty Memorial Society, c/o Killarney Chamber of Commerce, 2nd Floor TIO Building, Beech Road, Killarney, Co Kerry, IRELAND.

By email:

To find out more about the Hugh O’Flaherty Memorial Society visit:

Picture: 2016 Humanitarian Award Recipient Fr Shay Cullen at the Hugh O’Flaherty
Memorial in Killarney. (Don MacMonagle Photography).