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Carphone Warehouse chief’s apology for pro-abortion ads

The chairman of major phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has apologised for offence caused by the company’s ‘pro-choice’ advertising campaign, which appeared to be taking a position on the abortion debate in Ireland.

The massive advertising campaign, which used the tagline ‘We’re Pro-Choice’, led to sharp criticism from pro-life advocates, and to pro-life protests outside Carphone Warehouse retail units. Large numbers of pro-life consumers also contacted the company to say they would be taking their custom elsewhere.

In a letter to a pro-life advocate who had written to complain about the adverts Sir Charles Dunstone, chairman of Dixon Carphone, who own Carphone Warehouse, said:

‘I am very sorry that our clumsy advertising caused you such offence. It has been stopped and lessons learned. Please accept my sincere apologies.’

The Carphone Warehouse’s ‘pro-choice’ website for the campaign has also been scrapped.

“After much controversy, including pro-life protests outside its shops and pro-life consumers making their voices heard, we are glad to see that Carphone Warehouse has had the sense to listen to consumers,” said Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute.

“It would not serve debate or democracy well if huge global companies were spending massive sums which seemed to push one side of the abortion debate – the side which favours legalising killing of unborn babies,” she said.

“This is especially true at a time when media pressure is already relentlessly demanding a referendum on abortion despite a lack of public interest or support for abortion on demand”.

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Picture: Protesters line up outside the Carephone Warehouse shop in Wexford, determined to bring the message home to shoppers about the company’s ‘pro-choice’ ads.