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Catholic environmentalist condemns plans for solar power tax hike

A Catholic environmentalist has condemned government plans to hit schools and businesses that invest in solar power with a new tax hike.

Ellen Teague, of the Columban Justice, Pease and the Integrity of Creation has spoke out against the plans saying that the new tax hike affecting the solar industry is a move in the wrong direction in the context of climate change.

“All of Creation is under threat as a result of human induced Climate Change created largely by an over consumption of and dependence on fossil fuels which is driven by an economic model that places profits over the common good,” she told The Universe.

“Of particular concern to Columbans is the centrality of Extractive Industries to the exacerbation of Climate Change as well as the impacts Climate Change have on access to safe water and healthy food. A sustainable future will be one where clean and renewable sources of energy – such as solar – are promoted and supported.”

Ms Teague’s comments come after Greenpeace created a new petition in response to the plans, entitled Stop the attack on the UK solar industry.

The petition is addressed to Chancellor Philip Hammond and Prime Minister Theresa May and asks them to ‘please urgently rethink government plans to introduce huge new business rate taxes on solar’.

To find out more and to sign Greenpeace’s petition, Stop the attack on the UK solar industry, visit:

Picture: Solar panels on a roof. (Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group/TNS).