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“We need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas.” Pope Francis, Let us Dream, December 2020

Diocese confirms removal of pro-abortion lector

A politician has expressed his disappointment after being removed from his parish’s Rota of Lectors due to his party’s pro-abortion stance, but insisted that he is not out to attack the Church.

Ken Curtin, a Social Democrats representative in Cork East, was removed from the list of lectors at St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, on Sunday, 15th May by Fr John McCarthy, the cathedral administrator, due to his political party’s support for the repeal of the eight amendment – Ireland’s constitutional protection for unborn babies.

The diocese of Cloyne confirmed the decision on 25th May during a meeting between the Bishop of Cloyne, William Crean, Mr Curtin, Fr McCarthy and Fr Jim Moore, diocesan secretary.

“The meeting addressed the issues around the original meeting between Fr McCarthy and Mr Curtin, concerning his removal from the Rota of Lectors in the parish of Cobh,” a spokesperson for the Diocese of Cloyne told The Universe. “Thus, while Fr McCarthy’s decision to remove Mr Curtin from the Rota of Lectors remains in place, a dialogue will continue between the bishop and Mr Curtin.”

Following the meeting Mr Curtin took to social media to express his disappointment. “I met with Bishop Crean and Fr John this evening. Personally disappointed with outcome: lector list remains as is but dialogue will continue,” he tweeted.

“I’m glad to have challenged what I still believe was the wrong decision to remove me as a lector. I hope the debate will have heartened others,” he added.

The Irish Catholic reported that Mr Curtin had rubbished reports that he was using the situation to attack the Church, admitting that he could see the issue from the Church’s standpoint. “Others have tried to twist my position – as I predicted they would to Fr John – as an opportunity to attack the Church, which is the last thing I want to do. Why would somebody who wants to challenge a decision to remove him as lector be out to knock the Church?”

Picture: St. Colman’s Cathedral. (Frank Baumgart/DPA/PA).