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Former Preston College student on mission to reunite school’s final class

A former Preston Catholic College student is on a quest to reunite the school’s final class before it closed its doors, with many of them set to reach a special milestone this year.

The Universe is supporting Jim Clune in his mission to track down as many of his classmates, from the class of ’77, as possible. The former pupil was part of the final first form intake at Preston Catholic College in September 1977 and as a result, when they made it to 5th year, they were not only top of the class, they were the only class, with no 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st forms following behind them.

The school changed its name in the 2nd year to Newman College, as did the local girls schools – Winckley Square Convent and Lark Hill Convent. The intention was to expand the 6th form provision on each site accordingly. Both the Catholic College and Winckley Square sites have long since been sold, while Newman College 6th form is wholly sited at the former Lark Hill Convent site.

“This will be the first reunion since 1988 and long overdue!” Mr Clune told The Universe. “The majority of the intake will be 50 this year and we thought it was timely and appropriate to hold a reunion.”

The group has managed to trace at least 42 ex-pupils as well as three former teachers. “We have already held one planning meeting,” revealed Mr Clune. “Some of us had not seen each other for 34 years.

“It was great to meet up and swap old stories about the many characters at the school and our unique place in the history of the college. We are aware that several old boys have unfortunately passed away and that other old boys live as far away as the USA and Thailand!

“We would love to make contact with and invite as many of the final year group and our teachers as possible,” he concluded.

The reunion is set to take place on Saturday, 8th October in Preston, with the venue due to be confirmed. Any former students can contact Jim Clune via email at: